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Adult Campsites Articles

Buying A Static Caravan

If you are serious about camping, it is worth investing in a static caravan. Not only will it provide you with a home away from home, but it is a good investment for the future as camping holidays are on the increase. Whether you sell it for a good price five years down the line or rent it out when youíre not using it, a static caravan can make you a little extra cash. Park Resorts now has a static caravan sales section. You can buy new and used static caravans on their campsites, which are dotted along the UK coast, directly from them, with no need for a middleman.

Buying a static caravan is not like buying a normal caravan. It is more like buying a home. Location becomes very important, as you canít just hook the caravan up to your tow-ball and try and new park or two every year. Additionally, you need to think about running costs and park fees and all manner of other things you may not initially factor in to your plan. Here are some top tips on buying a static caravan.

Set your budget before you start looking. You donít want to fall in love with a place that then proves to be out of your price range. Your budget should include everything, not just the initial purchase costs. For example, you need to include insurance costs and how much youíll have to pay the campsite in land rent and fees. You also need to consider how much it will cost getting to and from the caravan. A long drive or train journey can add significant Pounds to your annual running and upkeep costs. You also need to find out how much it costs to run, including heating and water charges.

How often and for how long will you use the caravan? If you are only planning on taking one camping holiday a year for seven days, it is simply not worth the purchase price. However, numerous holidays for you and your friends will make it pay for itself in no time at all. Bear in mind however, that some campsites pose limits on how old caravans on their sites can be. This is generally limited to 10-15 years and if you are buying a second hand caravan, this can greatly reduce its life on that particular site. Some parks charge commission fees when you want to sell so you need to check before you make your purchase what fees are involved.

You need to find out what the benefits are of that location and that park specifically. Location is just as important when buying a static caravan as it is when buying a home. Investigate the area, find out what benefits the park offers caravan owners and find out what other landmarks, attractions and activities are available nearby. This is particularly important if you are thinking about renting your caravan out to others.


Camping By The Pub

If you are looking for an alternative to the specialised camping and caravanning offered by adult campsites you may want to consider campsites and caravan parks that are located next to pubs. These sites are often extremely good value and offer the added attraction of a place to go in the evening. Often good food and drink are available at these pub campsites giving you the opportunity to avoid the need to cook on the odd evening and a great place to gather with friends when the weather lets you down. Camping holidays and weekend breaks at a campsite with a pub can offer a relaxing break come rain or shine.



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