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Caravan Insurance And Motorhome Insurance

Caravan Insurance Preventing a Ruined Holiday

People insure many things: their home, their car, their personal possessions, their business, their travel and even their legs. In the case of any unforeseen event, people make sure that they are covered for the repair or replacement of any valuables in their lives. Trouble may strike if they discover, upon attempting to make a claim against their insurance on a damaged, stolen or destroyed valuable, that they are underinsured. In that case, the insured may need to cover the gap themselves which defeats the purpose of being insured in the first place, particularly if the excess paid brings the total out-of-pocket expense close to the value of the item they are claiming for.


One area where underinsurance may prove to be more than a nuisance is caravan insurance. This may be even more of a concern when you are on a holiday and something happens to the Caravan in question. Caravan insurance is designed specifically to cover the cost of replacing or repairing a caravan should an unexpected event occur, such as an accident, fire, theft or weather-related incident (wind, storm, flood and so on). Imagine planning a caravanning holiday, only to have your caravan damaged in some way, rendering it unusable. However, nothing could be worse than being on a holiday with your caravan and having it cut short due to one of these situations. With the correct insurance, though, you could be on your way in a replacement caravan in next to no time (obviously, depending on the coverage you purchase).

But what would happen if your caravan is underinsured? You'd need to pay the excess, plus the difference between what your insurance company will pay for a claim and what a new caravan (or repairs to your existing caravan) would cost. Think of the dent in your budget that would cause, and what you couldn't do on your holiday as a result.

When you purchase Caravan Insurance cover, there are certain factors you need to take into account. Are you offered any discounts for completing a course on correct towing procedures (towing a caravan is different to towing a trailer, for example)? Will you be covered for accommodation if your caravan is uninhabitable while you're on holidays? Are the contents and/or annex covered, or is this an extra cost? Does the policy cover the caravan you tow, or a caravan stored on-site (that could perhaps be unregistered)? Are the costs covered if your caravan needs to be towed to a repair centre? If it needs to be stored before repair, is this under the policy? What weather-related events are covered cyclone or tornado, flood, hail and wind or storm damage? If you tow your Caravan, will its insurance cover you in other states or countries?

If you own a motorhome this may be even more of a concern as not only does your motorhome provide you with your holiday accommodation but it may also be you only mode of transport whilst on holiday. It is therefore particularly important when you are on holiday that any Motorhome Insurance you have is designed specifically to cover the cost of replacing or repairing the motorhome should an unexpected event occur, such as an accident, fire, theft or weather-related incident and also provides for adequate breakdown cover. Remember if you intend taking your motorhome outside the UK into other areas of Europe you may want to consider motorhome insurance that covers you for breakdown in both the UK and Europe.

Looking For A Change?

If you are considering a change from the many adult only campsites and caravan parks featured on on Adult Campsites you may be interested in looking at a directory of campsites that are by the pub. They are not going to be adult only but they do offer the convenience of the local just a short walk from the caravan, so dinner is never to far away when you don't want to cook and there is always a place to go if it rains. Maybe there are even a few adult only Pub Campsites and you get the best of both worlds. For a great choice of campsites by the pub, check out Pub Campsites.




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